Speed Reading

Speed Reading - Book cover.
Learn How to Read Faster With The Most Effective Techniques

26 December, 2017

MUST HAVE Speed Reading Guide For Real Book Lovers!

Reading brings our eyes, mouth, brain, and ears to life; it stimulates these vital senses. It also enhances brainpower along the way.

In reading, everything starts by deciphering the words on the page, but how do you exactly look at the words when you read? Back then, researchers were convinced that humans read one single word at a time. They believed that we move our eyes across the page from the left edge to the right, digesting one word after another. This wholly explains how readers have no trouble identifying words at a faster than normal rate.

In reality, everyone has the ability to read more and at a faster rate. As we weave through the page, we usually jump into fits and starts, reading a word (or a couple of them) in quick glances. It is in these quick glances stand the foundation of speed-reading. K. Milton reveals effective techniques for speed-reading, gives practice advices and explains how brain works when we read. The book will become your favorite guide, which will help you to get excellent skills of speed-reading.

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