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L.A. Moore


I am a stay at home mom with a wonderful husband and three amazing teens which I homeschool. In my spare time I enjoy spending time with my family and pets, painting on glass, reading, crocheting, and last but not least, I love to write.
Writing is a passion for me as well as therapeutic. I feel that writing offers me a way to express myself in ways that I find difficult otherwise and is a tool/key to healing one I use regularly. I hope you enjoy my work and will check back for more as it becomes available.

Books by L.A. Moore

The Unexpected Valkyrie - Book cover
Can one human and one Valkyrie save the world from a legion of demons? ​Plagued by voices in her head and feelings of being watched, Evie senses that something evil surrounds her. She is under a constant barrage of overwhelming fear that this evil wants her dead and will stop at nothing to destroy her and family. ​Relying on her Norse religious beliefs she calls on the Norns to help her.
Fiction > Fantasy
The Black-hearted Buccaneer - Book cover
One woman, one pirate, and a lunatic hell bent on destroying both. After the death of her parents, Adrienne inherits all their money. She seeks comfort in her fiancé Jacques, but then she discovers he murdered her parents. In an attempt to leave, Jacques tortures her to get her to marry him. Barely escaping, Adrienne falls into the arms of Devon. Someone she hates and yet is drawn to.
Fiction > Romance
Poppy and the Wild Thing - Book cover
A renowned photographer, a psychotic killer, and a secret that could change the world. ​Poppy wasn't looking for love when she signed u p for photography classes. She was looking to begin her nature photography career, but when she takes a job as an assistant for Ari; she gets more than she bargains for. ​Ari is a celebrity nature photographer and author for a popular magazine. However he is hiding a big secret that could shake up their world, and kill Poppy.
Fiction > Romance