Poppy and the Wild Thing

A renowned photographer, a psychotic killer, and a secret that could change the world.

​Poppy wasn't looking for love when she signed up for photography classes. She was looking to begin her nature photography career, but when she takes a job as an assistant for Ari; she gets more than she bargains for.

​Ari is a celebrity nature photographer and author for a popular magazine. However he is hiding a big secret that could shake up their world, and kill Poppy. There is a reason he is famous for his photo's an article's and it has nothing to do with luck or insane tracking skill's.

​Samuel knows Aris' secret and now that he is free of prison for the murder of Aris' father, he is hell-bent on proving his sanity and innocence.

​When Samuel learns about Poppy and what she means to Ari, he determines to use her in his plan for vengeance and justice. With a strong scheme in place he kidnaps Poppy, intent on torturing her until Ari comes forth with the truth.

​With the aid of an elite task force will he save Poppy, or will she save herself before it's too late?

​If you like shapeshifter books then you will enjoy Poppy and the Wild Thing

​Buy Poppy and the Wild Thing to get sucked into Aris' world!

Author's Notes

This book is based off a dream I had about bigfoot and then expounded on by my own imagination. I thought how amazing would it be if bigfoot was a shapeshifter and that is why he cannot be found? What if he's hiding in plain site? Then this book was born, I hope you enjoy it.

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Genre: Fiction > Romance

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ISBN: 979-8504537429


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