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Lee 'Cougardawn' Roberts


Lee 'Cougardawn' Roberts is a Nana of five, twin, biker, animal, coffee and nature lover. She is also an author, volunteer peer support specialist, advocate and activist. Due to personal health reasons Lee left her job as a Protection Officer (in New England) and moved to Florida with her son to be closer to her mom. She retired and began volunteering her time in community service organizations that help Animals, Children, Missing/UID persons, the homeless and the Deaf Community. Lee is also Co-founder of Advocates United for Humanity with her best friend Donna M. Kshir. She is an avid researcher and currently knee-deep in her family's genealogy.

Born hearing, Lee contracted Meningitis at a very young age and grew up with progressive hearing loss. She is Deaf and her primary language is ASL (American Sign Language) She is very active within the Deaf Community, is a Co-Host for the local Deaf Coffee Chat, and is part of Deaf Ministry Team at her church. She has also been a foster mama for felines in need & volunteers as needed in Wildlife Rescue and Rehabilitation under a permitted Rehabber.

Books by Lee 'Cougardawn' Roberts

You Are Enough (Second Edition) by Lee 'Cougardawn' Roberts. Book cover
In this book, each woman shares their story, along with raw, unedited photographs taken by the photographer and the owner of CJ Photography, Cynthia Harkinson. They have chosen to tell their story and use unedited photographs to show they are beautiful and they are enough, just as they are in true form without society's interpretation of what they should be through photoshopping and filters. Each of these women knows they are enough just as they are and you, too, are enough, just as you are.
Non Fiction > Personal Development
Pieces of Me by Lee 'Cougardawn' Roberts. Book cover
A flicker of hope finally emerges after an unreasonably long period of dark angst and suffocating depression. Hope that had been waiting patiently to be rediscovered, dusted off and held ever so close to my heart. In putting pen to paper and sharing a Piece of my writings from a decade’s long journey to heal, another petal opens and the Lotus blooms more sweetly.
Fiction > Poetry