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Leslie Garland


I didn't start out in a career in writing; I qualified as a Chartered Civil Engineer. In this capacity I worked for several years on projects in the UK, the Far East and Africa. During this period I won the Institution of Civil Engineers 'Miller Prize' for a paper on tunnelling. Perhaps my first foray in to writing? It was a pretty dry technical piece. However my experience in tunnelling has given me an exciting idea for a story which I hope will be a lot more fun than my engineering paper and I have just recently made a start on this. Changing times resulted in a change in direction and after qualifying as an Associate Member of both the British Institute of Professional Photography and the Royal Photographic Society, started my own stock photograph library (the first in N.E.England) and wrote for the trade press.

The Internet was new in those days and not very reliable. So an unexpected break in my Internet connection fortuitously presented the time to make a start on a long cherished project of a series of novella length stories, and the first story of The Red Grouse Tales, was drafted. Three more 'tales' followed and I published The Red Grouse Tales in 2016. Since then I have completed a further three novellas and a novel and started winning awards for my writing. Right now I am trying to complete a second batch of 'tales' and am part way through writing a trilogy.

My hobbies include; hill walking, swimming, gym, a bit of running and travelling, which I hope to restart soon now that Covid is nearly behind us.

Books by Leslie Garland

The Bat by Leslie Garland. The Red Grouse Tales. Book cover
The Bat; a coming of age story and a search after truth. What is true? What is truth? An old and now sceptical Thomas looks back on the events of his last term at school when his class returned to a new beautiful class teacher, a donation of stuffed animals and birds by an eccentric benefactor and the increasingly strange events which followed. Zoological specimens appeared to be not quite as dead as they looked.
Fiction > Coming of Age
The Ghost Moth by Leslie Garland. A tragic tale of the Spirit versus the Flesh. Book cover
As Joe reads an old folk tale and is drawn into a world of religious fanatics, witches, angels and she-devils, he begins to wonder if it is possible that this five hundred year old story of a young monk and his lover could impact on his family in the present day? A story about the desires of the sexes and the doctrines of religion, with hints at the supernatural and beautiful and atmospheric imagery, this controversial, adult, speculative, spiritual and philosophical tale will intrigue, entertain and keep you guessing in equal measure up until the last page.
Fiction > Christian