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Lillian and Dave Brummet


Lillian and her husband Dave are the team behind Brummet Media Group, high-fiving cheerfully as they pass each other on the way from checking off one item or other from their long to-do list.

Their business includes Dave’s music studio and percussion accessory products and graphic design work as well as numerous award-winning non-fiction books and popular blogs.

Today we help them celebrate their latest book release - From One Small Garden, with over 300 delicious, nutritious recipes!

Books by Lillian and Dave Brummet

From One Small Garden - Book cover
This collection of recipes is the ultimate guide to utilizing fresh fruits and vegetables from backyard gardens to farmer’s markets - the freshest, purest source of food we can draw from. Loaded with lots of interesting tidbits of historical and nutritional information, this book is more than just a recipe book - it is a way of treating yourself to the healthy, delicious rewards of one small garden...
2580 views > 1 review / comment
Non Fiction > Cookbooks, Food & Wine
Rhythm and Rhyme by Lillian and Dave Brummet. Poetry. Book cover
Authors of 6 books (so far) - Dave and Lillian Brummet combine their talents in this powerful, beautiful book of poetry. Their individual writing styles express passions and real life experiences. While Lillian experiments with various styles of poetry, most of Dave's poems in this book were in fact initially written as song lyrics. Some of the poetry in this book reflects on the emotional turmoil of ailing parents and the grief of their passing.
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Fiction > Poetry