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Rhythm and Rhyme

by Lillian and Dave Brummet  CA Canada

March 1, 2020   |    824 reads    |   1 comment

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Rhythm and Rhyme - Book coverAuthors of 6 books (so far) - Dave and Lillian Brummet combine their talents in this powerful, beautiful book of poetry. Their individual writing styles express passions and real life experiences. While Lillian experiments with various styles of poetry, most of Dave's poems in this book were in fact initially written as song lyrics.

Some of the poetry in this book reflects on the emotional turmoil of ailing parents and the grief of their passing. Others will share the strange emptiness left behind when old wounds are healed. While dappled with pieces that celebrate life, love, animals and nature with a good share of light-hearted comedy thrown in as well.

Author's Note: 

“ Poetry has the unique application of allowing a writer to express their own hopes, dreams or pain, and to explore creative use of words, rhythms, fantasy, truths and rhymes...” ~ Dave Brummet

About The Author

Dave and I have published 6 books to date, the most recent being Rhythm and Rhyme. This is a collection of both Dave’s poetry and mine in 2 separate sections. Dave’s poetry looks at the changes he witnessed in environments he grew up in, shares the effect experiences had on him and celebrates the benefits of music. My poetry touches on the impact of grief from losing parents / friends, celebrates nature, questions society and celebrates the long relationship with my husband. Our site has a bookstore page where you can find two of our books that focus on living “green” while saving money... more


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