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Liza Black


Liza Black, Ph.D., PCC, CMC is a strategic talent advisor, psychologist, certified coach. Liza has a wide variety of clients from all walks of life, all cultures and all ages, especially with women. She has a natural sense of wisdom and an empathetic approach toward each individual as a unique person. She believes that deep inside every person there is a desire to live a meaningful life, to have purpose, to live an inspired life and make a difference. People therefore need support and self-belief. Liza is particularly known for her expertise on the challenges faced by women in their private and family lives. She is passionate about continuous personal development through self-esteem and the transformative power cultivated by leading & consciously living with self-worth and competence.

Books by Liza Black

How to Get a Man - Book cover
Do you keep asking yourself all of questions about the ways to attract men or get their attention? May be you think that something is wrong with you? It happens. With me? Sure. I am woman as you are, lady. I had those problems as well, until I found the main reason why. All is easy. Women's brains work in different way and men are different in the way we think of them. I would not say much now.
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