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How to Get a Man

The Main Secrets to Attracting Real Men or How to be a Perfect Bitch
by Liza Black  US United States

October 29, 2017   |    1,159 reads    |   0 comments

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How to Get a Man - Book coverDo you keep asking yourself all of questions about the ways to attract men or get their attention? May be you think that something is wrong with you? It happens. With me? Sure. I am woman as you are, lady. I had those problems as well, until I found the main reason why. All is easy. Women's brains work in different way and men are different in the way we think of them. I would not say much now. All you need to know, that from now everything would change, if you follow these advises and understand the main idea of my book: Men and women may think along the same lines in many ways, but not in love.

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