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Luis Wester


Luis is a marketing expert and the founder of, through which he supplies high-quality, personal advising, and consulting services. He personally only advises projects that he truly believes in and brings a vast knowledge of blockchain and marketing expertise to the table. He is currently an ICOBench and TOKEN certified blockchain expert.

As an entrepreneur, Luis has been a part of a number of e-commerce ventures, successfully grew a 7-figure apparel brand from scratch, and currently heads the marketing agency. He serves as an advisor to several blockchain and crypto related companies. He is a published author of books, articles, and blog posts on technology, predominantly blockchain and AI, and a speaker at technology and fintech conventions and conferences worldwide.

Luis can be contacted via the convenient contact form on his website

Books by Luis Wester

Blockchain Maximalist (Verkürzt) Buchcover
Diese gekürzte Version des originalen Blockchain Maximalist bietet alle faszinierenden Einsichten in einer prägnanten und weniger techniklastigen Weise. Es ist ein provokantes und aufschlussreiches Debüt, das die Denkschulen von Andreas M. Antonopoulos', The Internet of Money, Saifedean Ammous', The Bitcoin Standard, und Max Borders', The Social Singularity, weiterführt.
Non Fiction > Business & Money
Blockchain Maximalist (Abridged) - Book cover
This abridged version of the original Blockchain Maximalist features all of the fascinating insights in a concise and less technically heavy manner. Short, and snappy version. Less technically heavy.
Non Fiction > Business & Money
Blockchain Maximalist - Book cover
A highly provocative and insightful debut that cultivates the schools of thought pioneered by Andreas M. Antonopoulos', The Internet of Money, Saifedean Ammous’, The Bitcoin Standard, and Max Borders’, The Social Singularity. In Blockchain Maximalist, Luis Wester establishes a firm technological and historical foundation on which he builds a “vibrant landscape of futuristic applications” with monumental economical, political, and societal relevance.
Non Fiction > Business & Money