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Marc Berlin


Marc Berlin has held a variety of jobs including journalist, media executive, screenwriter, and filmmaker. He currently lives with his wife, Heidi, in Plymouth, Mass. When not evading the paparazzi, he can usually be found deep-sea fishing, playing poker, or shooting trap.

Books by Marc Berlin

Oddball in 3G by Marc Berlin. Book cover
In this wry thriller, a shy loner is pushed to unspeakable violence when confronted by an inner-city drug gang. Robert Krieger’s life is quickly falling apart. He’s been fired from his job, split with his sexy girlfriend, and has a controlling overbearing mother he feels obligated to call at least once a week. As a result, he’s developed a distressing anxiety disorder. Robert lends money to an acquaintance across the hall in his building, a small-time drug dealer named Skids.
Fiction > Mystery & Thrillers