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Matthew Morris


Hello there, my name is Matthew Morris. I am 27 years old, and I live in Colorado Springs, Colorado.

I'm not too extraordinary of a guy, but I have had some unique experiences and insights that I have been able to write about. I have struggled with drug addiction since my teen years, and have also been fortunate enough to be able to recover from it.

I also enjoy working with computers and websites, and fighting the battle I still fight for general health and wellness. I have always enjoyed helping others, especially when it comes to drug addiction. I am not a professional or a counselor, but I do have some writing abilities and a desire to help others.

Most of the books I am publishing so far are focused on self-help, wellness and drug addiction, but I do have plans to expand into other areas and hopefully continue to develop as a new writer.

Books by Matthew Morris

Surviving the Soda Struggle by Matthew Morris. Book cover
Despite how bad it is for us, it is not secret that many people still drink soda daily. I myself have been addicted to soft drinks for many years, drinking up to 4 liters in a night at one point. In my informative 54 page book, I tell the short story of how my soda addiction progressed, and why soft drinks like Coke are so addictive. My book is designed to be helpful, and one thing that helps is to understand the health risks, and I once again relay my own life story as a way to educate.
Non Fiction > Health, Fitness & Diet