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Mike Conner


Hello everybody, My name is Mike Conner and I am a big believer in self help books. I discovered the self help genre when I realized the power it gives to a person about understanding human nature, communication skills, public speaking, getting into habits etc. So I thought why not share my knowledge with people so that everyone can be helped at a much larger scale!
Much Love.

Books by Mike Conner

Procrastination - Book cover
Procrastination is a really big problem which is changing the directions of your life in the wrong tunnel which has no light at the end! Do you feel yourself not taking actions and often feel tired like there is nothing new in life or maybe you are disconnected from your purpose? Do you find yourself not taking actions and regretting at a later point in life? The truth is, you may not realize this by now but procrastinating every day is a shortcut to failure and attracting bad moments, negativity in life.
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