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How To Get Rid Of Procrastination By Building Powerful Habits, Self-Discipline, Leading Happier And Productive Life!
by Mike Conner  IN India

February 4, 2019   |    692 reads    |   0 comments

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Procrastination - Book coverProcrastination is a really big problem which is changing the directions of your life in the wrong tunnel which has no light at the end!

Do you feel yourself not taking actions and often feel tired like there is nothing new in life or maybe you are disconnected from your purpose?
Do you find yourself not taking actions and regretting at a later point in life?

The truth is, you may not realize this by now but procrastinating every day is a shortcut to failure and attracting bad moments, negativity in life.
Procrastination may seem like a small thing or non-existent to some people or it may seem a really big thing to others.

This book is for all those who are currently in this aura that this is a big problem and I need to change it completely and get rid of procrastination for life.

In this Book you will learn:

-What is Procrastination
-Why People Procrastinate In The First Place?
-The Outcome Of Procrastination!
-How To Connect With Your Purpose!
-Practical And Actionable Ways To Get Rid Of Procrastination!
-Owning Success Habits!

Powerful techniques and a lot of practical stuff which triggers immediate actions:

-Getting into action taking momentum.
-Managing your time better.
-How to be more productive daily.
-Leaning towards a positive and constructive life and much more...

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