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Morgan Winters


The nefarious and brutally handsome Morgan Winters is a supervillain who writes dark fiction on those days when taking over the world just gets to be kind of a pain. In public he wears Armani suits, and at home, in his supervillain lair, he wears pajamas with feet because they're comfortable.

Books by Morgan Winters

Dark and Disturbed by Morgan Winters. Book cover
This collection of twenty-five flash fiction stories features darkly humorous and sometimes creepy works ranging from a ten-year-old serial killer to a shipwreck filled with madness to talking woodland creatures. Not quite horror, not quite comedy, but every story shares a demented theme, and most sport unexpected, twist endings. Readers call Dark & Disturbed "Disturbed, Delightful, and Diabolical," "a good read..." and "short and exciting."
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