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Dark and Disturbed

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February 22, 2015  |  1,262 views  |  0 reviews / comments

Dark and Disturbed by Morgan Winters. Book coverThis collection of twenty-five flash fiction stories features darkly humorous and sometimes creepy works ranging from a ten-year-old serial killer to a shipwreck filled with madness to talking woodland creatures. Not quite horror, not quite comedy, but every story shares a demented theme, and most sport unexpected, twist endings. Readers call Dark & Disturbed "Disturbed, Delightful, and Diabolical," "a good read..." and "short and exciting."

Each story is at least two hundred and fifty words or more and includes a written prompt and a full-color photograph, so the reader can see how they were twisted to be dark and disturbed.


About Morgan Winters

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The nefarious and brutally handsome Morgan Winters is a supervillain who writes dark fiction on those days when taking over the world just gets to be kind of a pain. In public he wears Armani suits, and at home, in his supervillain lair, he wears pajamas with feet because they're comfortable.

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