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Nara Jade


I'm a paranormal romance author living in Toronto, Canada with my family and my cat. I love the worlds of the Norse myths and the notion that a mystical tree connects our world to fantastical realms, so I wrote a book series about it!

You can find out about new releases on my website or follow me on Instagram to get news about sales, goodies and teaser posts @narajadewrites. Thanks for reading!

Books by Nara Jade

Touch of Night by Nara Jade. Paranormal Romance. Book cover
An ancient vampire king seeks to claim his mate — a beautiful mortal bound to him by fate itself. Vampire king Vincent Strand spent centuries searching for his mate, only to find her standing in front of him in his home — but she’s human. That does not bode well for his kind, who can last an eternity. Yet, he is drawn to her with a thirst he has not felt in centuries. As he struggles to control his dark desires, he finds Mira has her own secrets, ones that hunt her for their own purposes.
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