Bite of Temptation

Bite of Temptation: Immortal Kiss. Book by Nara Jade. Book cover.
Immortal Kiss

23 October, 2022

A vampire romance set over the course of one night and designed for a *happy* evening read. Bite of Temptation brings you a seductive Vampire Lord and the feisty human journalist that falls into his lair — and his bed.

A seductive dance begins as a human journalist stumbles into a vampire nightclub and finds herself ensnared by the one who rules them...

Thorne Ungaard is a vampire — a powerful creature whose bite brings unimaginable ecstasy. As the Lord of New York, it is his duty to keep vampires hidden from human society. But the too-curious journalist who dares enter his domain looks too tasty to ignore…

Katya Owen is determined to uncover the secret behind the shadowy organization she’s investigating. When her sharp instinct leads her to a deviant nightclub hidden away in a dark corner of New York City, she finds herself caught in the claws of a tall, handsome stranger… with red eyes and wicked sharp fangs. Can she escape her terrifying captor? Or will she succumb to the temptation he offers instead?

Immortal Kiss: Bite of Temptation is a steamy paranormal romance that can be read as a standalone or as the third book in the series following Burning for the Beast and Touch of Night.

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Genre: Fiction > Romance

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