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Osama Aljunaidi


I was born in Jerusalem , I'm Herbalist and Poet, my job in Alternative medicine for more than 20 years, in branches of Alternative medicine : cupping therapy , herbs , massage ,acupuncture , and treat blackmagic too.

Books by Osama Aljunaidi

Fight The Cancer From Your Kitchen by Osama Aljunaidi. Book cover
The cancer is spreading in the modern life very high prevalence, which is not new disease and was defined by ancient peoples by other names, and the most important causes of its spreading in the current century is the new lifestyle, specially the life of cities and capitals because of the pollution and radiation on air. we became breathe poisoned air at every moment, and drink water mixed with chlorine and other chemicals , and eat the food that manufactured and add to it lot of preservatives, chemicals, colorings.
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