Fight The Cancer From Your Kitchen

The cancer is spreading in the modern life very high prevalence, which is not new disease and was defined by ancient peoples by other names, and the most important causes of its spreading in the current century is the new lifestyle, specially the life of cities and capitals because of the pollution and radiation on air. we became breathe poisoned air at every moment, and drink water mixed with chlorine and other chemicals , and eat the food that manufactured and add to it lot of preservatives, chemicals, colorings, May be the treatment of cancer patients is available in your kitchen while you did not know, in this book simply explained what you should eat and drink the patient and non-patient , as well as natural herbs that resists and fights Cancer from the beginning, i have been carefully chosen medicinal herbs which have no side-effects or have raised very few side effects do not compare the extent of the suffering of a cancer patient from his illness.

Author's Notes

Prevention Is Better Than Cure, so you can avoid yourself many troubles in your health in future, just simple steps if you follow you can save your body healthy in future, I wrote this book after i met many people whom suffering from diseases,pain, some of them get recover and cure after few months,and others get relief from their pain,or became happy, the health is treasure we should keep it as we can, remember that nothing impossible if you want to be then can be , you can fight any problem,disease if you accept the challenge, try once,twice and more ,be hopeful, just feeling hopeful you can get your goal in every field in this life.

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