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Peter Sundance


I am a creativity architect with experience in health systems - biology, physiology, ecology - with a degree in Environmental Ecology from University of California Santa Barbara and Physiology (Personal Training) from the National Academy of Sports Medicine. My latest book Table Tonics: The Organic Adventure Handbook explores methods of uniting communities around a wholly unique, simple ethic of respecting our imagination. Making a meal is one path to evoking that creative genius. I enjoy connecting health enthusiasts to holistic best practices that ensure success by grounding to the rhythms of the Earth. This gives us all a chance to expand our understanding of the human condition, refining our performance with data-driven methods of self-discovery.

Books by Peter Sundance

Table Tonics (book) by Peter Sundance
This “How To” Guide that you are holding shares instructions for lifelong success in fitness, productivity and vibrant health - through the raw, unfiltered energy of Mother Earth... Introducing you to Natural Living Arts. Learn to craft remarkable experiences with the organic meals and home-brewed Elixirs in this book - and innovate in the process. Apply ageless practices that harness biological phenomena – enhancing our ability to engage in life's myriad of daily adventures.
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