Table Tonics

A Beginner's Guide To Botanical Medicine For Strength, Balance and Longevity
by Peter Sundance US United States
August 22, 2016

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Table Tonics (book) by Peter SundanceThis “How To” Guide that you are holding shares instructions for lifelong success in fitness, productivity and vibrant health - through the raw, unfiltered energy of Mother Earth... Introducing you to Natural Living Arts
= being alive and adapting to stress
= connecting to the Earth with your body
= learning and sharing ideas
Learn to craft remarkable experiences with the organic meals and home-brewed Elixirs in this book - and innovate in the process. Apply ageless practices that harness biological phenomena – enhancing our ability to engage in life's myriad of daily adventures. We meet the source of vitality, the seed of life, at home and all the places we go, on a guided tour exploring this land where we work, play and dream together. Be happy you are here!

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Table Tonics (book) by Peter Sundance
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