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Ryan Janz


My name is Ryan Janz and I’m the winner of the 2019 Nobellle Prize for Literature.* But this honor doesn’t deter me from traveling the land with my wheelbarrow and faithful dog to disperse to friendly passersby the 500,000 copies I’ve acquired of my clever mystery, Boulevard Dreams.
Thus far I’ve distributed an impressive four books, and each of those four people joyfully scurried into their homes to cower behind their curtains while shaking their fists at…well…who knows what. The police have only been summoned four times, and my dog and I have marked this as a personal triumph! And despite the fact I don’t own a dog, the following day finds us packing up my wheelbarrow to travel our land once again – determined to make that fifth sale.
So, here we are.
*I’ve been known to use the alias, “Nobellle.”

Books by Ryan Janz

Boulevard Dreams by Ryan Janz. Book cover
In this intelligent, dark humored, anti-noir mystery set in 1958 San Francisco, a down and out private eye, Joe Nails, experiences surrealistic dreams, in which his once best friend, Mark Tamlyn, pleads for Joe’s help before turning a gun to his own head and firing. To ease his doubts, Joe sets out to locate him, and discovers Tamlyn vanished weeks before the dreams began. As his investigation deepens, Nails uncovers a conflicting portrait of Tamlyn rendered by people who knew him best.
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