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Sally A. Breslin


Sally Breslin was born and raised in New Hampshire, where she still resides, so she is a true New Englander through and through.

She knew at a young age that writing was her passion. She started writing poetry when she was only eight. During summer vacations from school, she would sit on the front steps of her tenement building and write books. Each day, groups of children from the neighborhood would gather and she would read the next installment to them. She also began keeping a journal when she was 12, and has continued to do so every day since then. Her book “There’s a Tick in My Underwear!” is based solely on her 1962 journal.

For over 20 years, Sally worked as a newspaper correspondent and photographer for a chain of weekly newspapers. She also began interpreting dreams in a weekly newspaper column, “Dreams...with Sally Breslin,” which she did for over 30 years. This led to a regular stint on WJYY radio, where she interpreted people’s dreams live on the air.

From 1994 to 2016, she wrote a weekly humor column, “My Life,” published in several New England Newspapers. In 1996, she was named the New Hampshire Press Association’s columnist of the year. She also has taught humor-writing classes for Concord Community Education. She currently writes a syndicated humor-column for the Senior Wire News Service, and a monthly column, “Sally’s World,” for a local publication.

Her stories have been published in many of the “Chicken Soup for the Soul” books, where she is listed as a regular contributor.

She also is the author of two romantic thrillers, “Heed the Predictor” and the sequel, “Conceal the Predictor,” and a how-to book, “The Common-Sense Approach to Dream Interpretation.”

Although she grew up in New Hampshire’s largest city, she currently lives way out in the country with her two dogs, her faithful hiking companions. She says she loves the country – but can do without the mosquitoes and spiders…and especially the ticks!

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Books by Sally A. Breslin

Christmas, a Cabin and a Stranger by Sally A. Breslin. Book cover
As Christmas approaches, Laurel, whose boyfriend of two years just recently ended their relationship, isn’t in any mood to celebrate the season or force herself to smile and look cheerful at any holiday gatherings. She decides to get away on her own and do something she’s always wanted to do – write a novel. She rents a cabin in the wilderness for the month of December, where the rental agent promises she will have complete privacy and be able to write undisturbed.
Fiction > Science Fiction
There's a Tick in My Underwear! by Sally A. Breslin. Book cover
I grew up in the largest city in New Hampshire, so when my parents bought a rustic cabin in the wilderness so we could “get away from it all” during summer vacations, you might say I was less than excited. In fact, my expression when they informed me we’d be spending most of the summer in the middle of nowhere, kind of resembled that of someone who’d just been told she needed an appendectomy.
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Fiction > Humor