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Christmas, a Cabin and a Stranger

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November 7, 2020  |  1,421 views  |  0 reviews / comments

Christmas, a Cabin and a Stranger by Sally A. Breslin. Book coverAs Christmas approaches, Laurel, whose boyfriend of two years just recently ended their relationship, isn’t in any mood to celebrate the season or force herself to smile and look cheerful at any holiday gatherings. She decides to get away on her own and do something she’s always wanted to do – write a novel. She rents a cabin in the wilderness for the month of December, where the rental agent promises she will have complete privacy and be able to write undisturbed.

But from the moment Laurel settles into the cabin, she senses something is not quite right about it.  For one thing, every time she steps outside, she feels as if she is being watched, even though the area is completely isolated. And then there is Doug, a stranger who appears on her doorstep one morning. He is charismatic, handsome and helpful, but she notices he is careful not to divulge any information about himself, only that he lives nearby. Laurel immediately is attracted to him but wonders what he is hiding, so she makes it her mission to find out more about him. And as she does, she begins to realize she might have been better off not knowing anything at all...


Author's Notes

I am a big fan of the filmmaker M. Night Shyamalan’s work, mainly because there usually is an unexpected twist at the end of his films that always makes me say, “Wow! I never saw that coming!"

When I sat down to write a Christmas novella, my first instinct was to make it a touching story that would give readers a case of the warm fuzzies. But then, for reasons I can’t explain, I decided instead to write something more non-traditional…a science-fiction holiday romance! My goal as I worked on it was to make the readers think, “I have this all figured out" only to totally surprise them at the end, as Shyamalan might do. I'm really hoping I have accomplished that in this novella.

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Sally Breslin was born and raised in New Hampshire, where she still resides, so she is a true New Englander through and through. She knew at a young age that writing was her passion. She started writing poetry when she was only eight. During summer vacations from school, she would sit on the front steps of her tenement building and write books. Each day, groups of children from the...

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