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Scott A. Ferguson Sr.


I've written over thirteen books, some of which have been available since 2018. In 2016, I retired from the US Secret Service Uniformed Division and live in Southern Maryland with my wife of almost 40 years. We love target shooting, barbecuing, and spending time with our family. Like most authors, I love talking about my books and upcoming projects. Why not check out my website at: or my Facebook page at “@safergusonsrauthor,” and then, drop me a line, I’d love to hear from you!

Books by Scott A. Ferguson Sr.

Murder at Gull Cove by Scott A. Ferguson Sr. Book cover
Jack Lewis had been in prison for fifteen years, but today was the day he got out on parole. After the bus dropped him off, he was met by his best friend, Charlie Walker, now a deputy sheriff. Charlie offered Jack a ride. When he asked, “Where to?” Jack’s reply stunned him: “Gull Cove.” Upon entering his house, Jack discovered a girl named Tamika asleep on the couch. The next day he learned that his sister was the mother of the teen. While the two siblings got reacquainted, Tamika played pool, but the balls kept getting stuck.
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Fiction > Mystery & Thrillers
Logan Chambers and the Twelve Dead Men by Scott A. Ferguson, Sr. Book cover
In the 1800s thirteen-year-old Logan Chambers watched as twelve men tortured and killed his parents on their farm. He’s shipped off to live with his uncle’s family, where he secretly swears to avenge his parents’ death. The day after he turns eighteen he alters his name to Changes and returns to fulfill that oath. After arriving in town, he’s befriended by Abraham Mitchell. He invites Logan home for dinner, and soon he’s working for Abe.
Fiction > Westerns