Murder at Moonlight Cove

Murder at Moonlight Cove by Scott A. Ferguson, Sr. - Book cover.
Scott A. Ferguson, Sr.

15 June, 2023

George Barrett is a detective in the Sioux Bend Police Department. For the first time in six years, George and his family are going on vacation to the most exclusive resort in the west—Moonlight Cove Resort in Wild River, Wyoming.

The first morning there, George and his daughter, Karen, go for a run. Near the end of the trail, Karen hears music. When she follows the sound, she discovers two young people tied to pine trees, with arrows in their stomachs. One victim was the son of the Lakota County sheriff and the other was the daughter of the executive director of Moonlight Cove.

Since the sheriff’s office didn’t have any active detectives, George’s vacation is cancelled, and he is tasked with solving the murders. While executing a search warrant, George and his partner discover a room filled with pictures of Tristan Collins, the resort director’s daughter, and the other victim. They soon learn that the apartment’s occupant, Dennis Gibson, wasn’t the one who took the pictures, but he wouldn’t tell them who did.

Who took those pictures and plastered them all over the walls? If it wasn’t Gibson, who was he protecting? Can George find out who killed the young couple?

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