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Sherif Guirguis


Award-winning author of The Chronicles of Agartha - The Green Boy, is a fantasy fan and a history enthusiast as well. Originally a medical doctor who fell in love with the art of the word, and has since gone on to write several books in the various genres of fantasy. Some of his works include The Chronicles of Agartha Series, The Door, and The Eye of The Storm from the Esfah Saga series.

If he is not writing, he is most probably reading a fantasy novel, playing an RPG, or immersing himself in anything that seems to come from out of this world.

He is the proud father of two gorgeous girls whom he adores.

Books by Sherif Guirguis

Through The Storm by Sherif Guirguis and Isaac Michaan. Epic Fantasy about Hollow Earth. Agartha Origins. Book cover
Rowida walks a path of power, but at what cost? Rowida is an Agarthan with a green aura, and the green aura nation is known for its modesty. Not Rowida though, she despises modesty, and thinks of it as a pretense. Rowida is honest, she wants power. Her path to power is not without suffering and sacrifice, but she intends to walk it to its end. Attaining power always has a hefty price, but will Rowida learn before it is too late?
Fiction > Fantasy
Red's Soul by Sherif Guirguis and Isaac Michaan. Book cover. The Chronicles Of Agartha Book 2.
Darren made a deal. A deal for a new soul. In Agartha, you belong to people with the same your soul’s aura color, and Darren doesn’t belong, he can’t be a red. But is he ready to pay the nefarious spirit he made the deal with, the price of a soul? Darren has to travel through Agartha, seeking a way to end the deal he made. And even though he has the support of his friend Mara, fighting minotaurs, trolls and harpies pauses a horrible threat to their journey.
Fiction > Fantasy
The Chronicles of Agartha: The Green Boy - Book cover
Enter Inner Earth, Agartha, a land where the color of your soul's Aura defines you. Ethan, a fourteen-year-old young man, discovers he has a green aura, the last of an extinct race. He leaves the secret school of Nafoura in search of the truth of his own origins, in a desperate search to find a home to call his own. Joined by a girl from our earth, Mara, and an exiled shapeshifter, Darren; Ethan must seek the Chronicler of Agartha, a mythical being rumored to have all the answers.
Fiction > Fantasy