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S.M Thomas


S.M Thomas; or Steph as she’s more commonly known, has been writing since she could hold a pencil.

Even at a very young age she had an interest in the other wordly aspect of the written word and could often be found writing about aliens, magic and everything in between.

In 2018 she independently published her debut novel The Light - a dark, dystopian world in which the survivors of the human race are struggling against a foe they can’t see.

In 2022 she opened her own publishing house and published The Diseased - a novel that has been described as reviews as a psychological, medical high tech thriller with a dash of sci fi. It follows Dr Paige Hanson as the mystery of her missing husband begins to pull the curtain back on the society, and people, around her.

One day she hopes to find another author to take alongside her on the publishing journey but for now she’s concentrating on continuing Paige Hanson’s story with Body Count due out in 2023.

Books by S.M Thomas

The Diseased. Book by S.M Thomas. Psychological thriller. Book cover
What would you do if you woke up to the question "Where is your husband?" As you lay in a hospital bed, unsure of how you got there, would panic or denial hold you in that moment? And what if the people asking you that question repeatedly were Government Agents who should have no interest in your missing spouse? All of this is faced by Paige Hanson when she wakes up in hospital after an accident she can't remember. Her husband Leo hasn't been seen since the night before and try as she might, she can't remember their last conversation.
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