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Stratis Kamatsos


Stratis Kamatsos is a US and UK attorney who made a significant career change as a social entrepreneur. His plan was to find a balance between honoring his family and their traditions, creating something of value and to give back to his community and environment. To achieve these goals he established a company, evo3 Olive Farms (, based on their product, Olive oil, farmed by three-generations in his family.

He is also a Ted X speaker. His talk, "Entrepreneurship and Empathy", focused on creating a business based on social value rather than only financial value. Please turn on the subtitles as the original language is Greek.

Books by Stratis Kamatsos

SLOW Life Diet: Greek Village Living by Stratis Kamatsos. Book cover
Ever wonder why people in Greek villages live past their 90s? Is it good genes or luck? I’ll let you in a little secret…it’s neither. It’s their slow living lifestyle. Greek villagers are known to have a long-life expectancy. They live a healthy, honest, and happy life. This all comes down to an all-encompassing idea of Siga Siga, which literally means ‘slowly, slowly’, but emblematically means to take a deep breath, embrace the moment you are in, practice self-caring, and exhale.
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