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SLOW Life Diet: Greek Village Living

The Pathway to a Healthier Lifestyle, Healthier Habits, and a Healthier You
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September 18, 2022  |  519 views

SLOW Life Diet: Greek Village Living by Stratis Kamatsos. Book coverEver wonder why people in Greek villages live past their 90s? Is it good genes or luck? I’ll let you in a little secret…it’s neither. It’s their slow living lifestyle.

Greek villagers are known to have a long-life expectancy. They live a healthy, honest, and happy life.  This all comes down to an all-encompassing idea of Siga Siga, which literally means ‘slowly, slowly’, but emblematically means to take a deep breath, embrace the moment you are in, practice self-caring, and exhale.

We have shunned the lifestyle that will make us happy - the one of simplicity and listening to what our body needs.

The Slow Life diet is all about lifestyle.  It is a road that leads to health, good habits, and happiness.  It is a condition according to which the soul lives calmly and steadily, being disturbed by nothing.

It focuses on eating right and creating healthy life habits.  Greek villagers live their life in a way that focuses on their lifestyle and their habits. They create healthy habits, taught to later generations, and in turn become ingrained in society in general.  By making little and sustainable changes in our lifestyles, we can gradually and sustainably take ourselves out from the unhealthy life we have created and recreate our life’s infrastructure the siga, siga way.

We use our positive momentum through our change in lifestyle with healthy and good habits that we can start creating things of value.  In business, social entrepreneurship is putting people over profit.

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Stratis Kamatsos is a US and UK attorney who made a significant career change as a social entrepreneur. His plan was to find a balance between honoring his family and their traditions, creating something of value and to give back to his community and environment. To achieve these goals he established a company, evo3 Olive Farms (, based on their product, Olive oil, farmed...

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