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Susan Zeppieri


Hello I am Susan Zeppieri I am a Nutritionist and researcher.

My passion is learning about the most up-to-date health trends and diets and passing the information to you.

Today's fast paced world many people neglect their diets later to find out they have diseases that could of be prevented.

I try to incorporate this in my books, wellness and healthy lifestyle are key, but most importantly to take control of your own health by educating yourself on what you need to do to change unhealthy eating and habits.

Health is wealth.

Books by Susan Zeppieri

Unbreak My Heart: I will not let you break me! by Susan Zeppieri. A kick ass approach coming back stronger. Book cover
Where does heartbreak come from? Is it something that we evolved with? Do we really need it in the first place? In My Unbreak My Heart , a guide for those who have experienced, or are currently experiencing heartbreak, you will embark on a journey that will take you through the possible origins of heartbreak, and how it has become a mainstay within your culture. Moreover, My Unbreak My Heart seeks not to try to rationalize heartbreak, but to look deeper ...
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