Timothy Morrison

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Hello! My name is Timothy Morrison. 98% of yoga practitioners consider themselves to be beginner or intermediate level practitioners. It was a key reason for writing this book.
It is very special and positive ritual when you have woken up early in the morning then take your place on the mat and start practice. At some point in time, you start to feel your body entirely. You become a whole with your body, which bends and flows itself.  All it happens without opposing, but with some primal pleasure.  The ordinal thinking process is substituted by the inner silence, the rest, and the clarity. You get a positive impulse, and you keep it through the whole day long. You feel happy without particular reasons. You do not feel weariness, anxiety, irritation. You could build everything, to what you are capable on the base of your inner power. 

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Yoga Poses by Timothy Morrison - Book cover.
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