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Vin Carver


Half way between humor and horror lies the reality of everyday life, and Vin Carver never stops half-way. Vin is an examiner of the extremes. From waking with a subtle smile on his face, to carrying the lifeless bodies of his loved ones to their final resting place, Vin has spent his life studying the pains of perception and pushing them into fantastical impossibilities. His writing reflects his extremes.

Vin Carver lives in the shadows north of Seattle, Washington, USA. When he’s not converting his memories into fiction, you can find him pushing his body to the extreme. He travels great distances, running beneath the ponderosa pines, cycling over the seaside hills, and swimming against the current.

Living with his beloved wife, resilient son, and brilliant daughter, Vin is grateful for the love they share in their suburban home each day…and tormented by the fear of losing them in his nightmares each night.

“It’s only in the extremes that we can be scared, that we can rise above, that we can feel fear, and experience love.”

Books by Vin Carver

A Split in Time by Vin Carver. Dark Fantasy. Book cover
An urn with the power to skip Warren Renner between parallel lines of time threatens to destroy his free will, but he doesn’t know that. All he knows is life in small-town Tamarack turned dark the day his brother died, and he wants out. Before Warren can run away, his friend Tanner convinces him to come to a party in the forest, as long as he brings the urn. When lightning strikes, Warren becomes caught in a ghostly battle over the lines of time.
Fiction > Horror & Paranormal