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A Split in Time

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by Vin Carver  US United States

September 3, 2017   |    2,438 views    |   0 reviews / comments

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A Split in Time by Vin Carver. Dark Fantasy. Book coverAn urn with the power to skip Warren Renner between parallel lines of time threatens to destroy his free will, but he doesn’t know that. All he knows is life in small-town Tamarack turned dark the day his brother died, and he wants out. Before Warren can run away, his friend Tanner convinces him to come to a party in the forest, as long as he brings the urn.

When lightning strikes, Warren becomes caught in a ghostly battle over the lines of time. Now, Warren must choose between the dark life he’s always known and a life where his brother never died. Which would you choose?

Author's Note: 

Have you ever wondered what things would have been like if the single-most tragic event in your life had never happened? I have. I have spent hours imagining the alternate outcomes to decisions made by both myself, and the universe. Writing this book allowed me to explore the answer to the question, “If I could go to an alternate time where nothing bad had ever happened to me or my family, would I?”


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