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William Moore


I am a new writer and it has been a lifelong dream to write a book of my own. I have a family - a wife, two adult sons (twins), and a younger daughter. Before becoming a writer, I worked in the oil and gas industry. Throughout my life, I have enjoyed playing sports and have lead a very healthy lifestyle, particularly focusing on healthy nutrition.

Therefore, at this stage of my life, I felt it was the right time to start to write books about health, longevity, including healthy nutrition, about the essential oils and about the benefits of the use of peptides for the human body. I try to make my books holistic, simple and ensure they are easy to understand.

My aim is to ensure that my readers are pleased with the information contained in my books and hope the knowledge they gain has a positive impact on their health and lifestyle.

Books by William Moore

Goodbye Pain, Hello Health! - Book cover
This book is an irreplaceable assistant in our time. In our life, pains in joints and muscles, their swelling, sprains, muscle tension in different parts of the body, and injuries of the limbs are very common. Yes, all these health problems reduce a person's quality of life, restrict movement and require immediate treatment. Therefore, it is great that today medicine has come up with a life hack - a solution to quickly and painlessly return to normal life.
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