Goodbye Pain, Hello Health!

Goodbye Pain, Hello Health! by William Moore - book cover.

4 February, 2021

This book is an irreplaceable assistant in our time.

In our life, pains in joints and muscles, their swelling, sprains, muscle tension in different parts of the body, and injuries of the limbs are very common.

Yes, all these health problems reduce a person's quality of life, restrict movement and require immediate treatment.

Therefore, it is great that today medicine has come up with a life hack - a solution to quickly and painlessly return to normal life. We are talking about the use of tapes (kinesio tapes)

The book also describes cosmetic facial taping in detail- this is a popular cosmetic procedure, a publicly available technique that allows you to rejuvenate the skin, smoothens out wrinkles, tighten the face contour, improves skin condition without surgical interventions and injection methods of rejuvenation.

This book contains a wealth of information on the following:
• Types of tapes,
• Techniques of taping,
• Benefits of taping,
• Taping in cosmetology,
• How taping is done, including at home,
• Schemes for applying tape tapes to different areas of the face,
• Important tips and tricks.

If it is important for you to be healthy, efficient, and to maintain youth and beauty, then you need to know all about taping. This book will definitely benefit you.

Buy this book and be healthy and beautiful!

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Genre: Non Fiction > Health, Fitness & Diet

ISBN: 979-8701694994


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