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William Wadsworth


William Wadsworth is a Cambridge University educated psychologist who researches the science of effective independent learning, collaborating with leading memory scholars around the world to decode the secrets to studying more efficiently for exams. He achieved top 0.01% exam results as a teenager (ten A-star grades at GCSE and six A-grades at A-level in his native UK), and has been passionate about discovering and sharing good study and learning practices ever since, helping students get higher grades and unleash their potential by studying smarter, not harder.

William has a decade of experience helping children achieve top grades as a supertutor and study seminar speaker, publishes weekly study advice on the popular Exam Study Expert blog, and is also the host of the Exam Study Expert podcast, a Top 30 podcast in the Education category on four continents.

Books by William Wadsworth

Outsmart Your Exams - Book cover
What if there was a set of simple techniques you could use in your school or university exams that would maximise your chances of opening your envelope on results day to find the grade-card of your dreams? Psychologist and host of the Exam Study Expert podcast William Wadsworth reveals 31 ingenious strategies from the new science of memory recall and elite performance, to help you win more marks on test day than you ever thought possible (no extra studying required!).
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