Outsmart Your Exams

Outsmart Your Exams by William Wadsworth - Book cover.
31 Exam Technique Secrets for Top Grades
William Wadsworth

30 May, 2019

What if there was a set of simple techniques you could use in your school or university exams that would maximise your chances of opening your envelope on results day to find the grade-card of your dreams?

Psychologist and host of the Exam Study Expert podcast William Wadsworth reveals 31 ingenious strategies from the new science of memory recall and elite performance, to help you win more marks on test day than you ever thought possible (no extra studying required!).

Think you already know what it takes to ace your exams? Think again…

Author's Notes

Outsmart Your Exams has been over 10 years in the making. I started writing it out of frustration, because I kept coming across so many good tactics that can really give students an edge in exam and test situations, coming out of fields as diverse as elite sport and the science of memory recall, and yet no-one was making them available to students. I hope you'll agree, this is an almighty set of strategies to bring to bear on exam day, and I'm excited at the prospect of the techniques now being able to help many, many more students around the world.

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