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365 Reasons to Celebrate!

by Stephanie Larkin  US United States

June 27, 2018   |    817 reads    |   0 comments

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365 Reasons to Celebrate! - Book coverOffbeat, whimsical and downright silly holidays for everyday of the year
Pollution. Crime. Natural disasters. War. Addiction. Terrorism. Political unrest. Despite the dire headlines we read every day, there are COUNTLESS reasons to celebrate life and everything that fills it. This book offers a listing of special days and festivities for every day of the calendar year - avoiding the well-known and beloved, like Christmas and the Fourth of July, and instead featuring the unusual and frivolous, such as No Socks Day, Grammar Day and the Festival of Sleep.
Many of these celebrations can easily be used by businesses as marketing tools, by teachers as outlets for creativity and addenda to curriculum, by office managers as team and morale building exercises - or by anyone just looking for an excuse to have some fun! A hashtag # for each holiday is included so that you can tag your social media posts and pictures to be found alongside others celebrating the day.

About The Author

Stephanie Larkin is the “Head Penguin” of Red Penguin Books, whose mission is to get your book from your computer – or your head! – and into your readers’ hands as quickly and painlessly as possible. She is also the author of SCORE on Social Media! and Write That Book!, and hosts cable television’s Technically Speaking.
Red Penguin Books offers both traditional publishing options as well as author-controlled publishing services for writers of many genres, including non-fiction, poetry, memoir, fiction, business, self-help, children’s books and social commentary. Stephanie regularly... more

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