SCORE on Social Media!

by Stephanie Larkin US United States
July 23, 2018

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SCORE on Social Media! - Book coverSocial Media - you can love it or hate it, but you certainly can’t ignore it. It’s here, it’s where your prospective customers are spending their time, and it isn’t going away! SCORE on Social Media! navigates you through the confusing maze of rules and expectations of such popular platforms as Facebook, LinkedIn and Google. In 5 easy steps, you - and your business - can be discovered on social media in NO time - and with NO stress! SEARCH the web to find out where your business/organization already appears CORRECT misinformation and unflattering material online OPEN profile/business pages on Facebook, LinkedIn and Google Local REACH OUT to your audience both regularly and painlessly EVALUATE by looking at insights, searches and rankings to gauge your progress Stephanie has successfully guided her clients through the labyrinth of social media for the past decade, and teaches others to do the same in her popular workshops, webinars, television series, classes and lectures. Now she brings her insights, strategies, and clarity to YOU - you can practically hear her sitting next to you as you read. So stress no longer - and simply pull up a chair to get started.

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