9.5B by Pen - Book cover.

by Pen

The year is 2059 and the world has gone mad.
As the New World Government plans to annihilate the inhabitants of earth leaving only a few select elite to survive, a small band of people plan to escape.
Shiloh Kevorsky builds a ship in the Black Desert of the Southeastern United States.
Professor Markowitz authors the report outlining how to eliminate the world's population.
Sunny Moon Harris, assistant to Professor Markowitz, gets caught up in the middle of the fray when an assassin comes calling.
And only Dr. Stormy Rose Promethius, with her knowledge of Quantum Physics, can enable the ship that will take them all to a new world to jump to hyperspeed, all the while being pursued by a mercenary calling himself "Rembrandt."
They must escape before the President of the New World Government launches Weapons of Mass Destruction.
Along the way, they each discover secrets about themselves and each other; secrets that could change and even destroy them.
Welcome. To the future.

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Genre: Fiction > Science Fiction

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ISBN: 9781453728703


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