Sword of Tilk - Book Three

At Sword's End
Book by Pen

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Sword of Tilk Book Three: At Sword's End by Pen. Book coverThe evil witch Desdmona is back and seeking revenge for the death of her son, Balfourant.
She must get her hands on Ravenheart's spell book, the gold Sword of Tilk and the Tilk heirs to enact her revenge. 
But it isn't just the Tilk Realm which will suffer. All possible worlds may cease to exist.
And it appears that just may happen when Desdemona gets what she wants.

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A native Georgian, Pen has been writing since the age of ten. On June 18, 2013, she suffered a heart attack after completing the Sword of Tilk Trilogy. This experience has inspired her to plan a 600-mile walk from Atlanta, Georgia to Washington DC in celebration of her survival as well as gathering experience to write a new novel. Currently, Pen resides in the Atlanta area where, in...

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