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A native Georgian, Pen has been writing since the age of ten.

On June 18, 2013, she suffered a heart attack after completing the Sword of Tilk Trilogy.

This experience has inspired her to plan a 600-mile walk from Atlanta, Georgia to Washington DC in celebration of her survival as well as gathering experience to write a new novel.

Currently, Pen resides in the Atlanta area where, in addition to writing as much as she possibly can, she is also staff to two felines.

Books by Pen

An Introduction to Maladaptive Daydreaming by Pen. Book cover
Written by a Maladaptive Daydreamer, this book explains what it is and offers helpful suggestions and links to those who also suffer from the condition.
Non Fiction > Self help
God is Praying by Pen. Book cover
A collection of writings and photos to inspire faith in the existence of a benevolent higher being.
Non Fiction > Religion and Spirituality
I Am by Pen. Book cover
A collection of writing and artwork to inspire and motivate women to believe in themselves and to value their own existence.
Non Fiction > Inspirational
Return Me (book) by Pen. Book cover
Fourteen year old Harlie Castleberry brings her attitude with her when she moves to Cleveland, Georgia to live with her estranged mother after her father is killed in a construction accident. Learning the family secret changes her attitude. She belongs to a family of shapeshifters. Blessed by Cherokee Indians, her family has the ability to change into mountain lions to combat an ancient being that plagues the north Georgia mountains. Trained by a distant cousin of Native American heritage, Harlie must make a journey of self-discovery to vanquish a time-old evil.
Fiction > Fantasy
9.5B (book) by Pen. Book cover
The year is 2059 and the world has gone mad. As the New World Government plans to annihilate the inhabitants of earth leaving only a few select elite to survive, a small band of people plan to escape. Shiloh Kevorsky builds a ship in the Black Desert of the Southeastern United States. Professor Markowitz authors the report outlining how to eliminate the world's population. Sunny Moon Harris, assistant to Professor Markowitz, gets caught up in the middle of the fray when an assassin comes calling.
Fiction > Science Fiction
Sword of Tilk Book Three: At Sword's End by Pen. Book cover
The evil witch Desdmona is back and seeking revenge for the death of her son, Balfourant. She must get her hands on Ravenheart's spell book, the gold Sword of Tilk and the Tilk heirs to enact her revenge. But it isn't just the Tilk Realm which will suffer. All possible worlds may cease to exist.
Fiction > Action & Adventure
Sword of Tilk Book Two: Strange Land by Pen. Book cover
The adventure continues as Barbara and her cohorts, including her twin sister, must travel to the territory of Antanavica to rescue Princess Heather. When a ship sails into the Tilk Harbor it brings with it a colorful pirate named Gregorio. But Gregorio has an agenda for visiting the Tilk Realm. He must return to Antanvica with the gold Sword of Tilk for the wizard Ravenheart.
Fiction > Action & Adventure
Sword of Tilk Trilogy Book One: Worlds Apart by Pen. Book cover
Every woman has her demons; fears and insecurities which prevent her from becoming the woman she is meant to be. Barbara Neely is no exception. Barbara works a job she hates to take care of herself and her ten year old daughter, Heather. A science whiz, Heather wants more time with her mother and for her mother to be happy. Barbara awakens one morning in a world completely different from the one to which she is accustomed.
Fiction > Fantasy