A Fairy's Tale

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July 17, 2015

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Book image did not loadDeep within Animal's Kingdom there is a grove of overgrown mushrooms which are inhabited by magical flying creatures. Pixie's Dust has a colony of human like beings that live in unison with the land and wildlife that surrounds their homes.
Each fairy has a unique gift that makes them important to their existence. Some can grow fruits, vegetables and even cook better than the others. The story although fully involves the whole colony, focuses on the youngest fairy that has a hard time proving that even at a young age she is important too.
Willa, short for Willow, teams up with a near extinct animal. His name is Bloom and he is a hutia which is similar to a chipmunk but a little larger. A friendship is born and after only a few hours together they feel a bond that cannot be broken.
Something destroys part of the kingdom and the duo teams up with a "Giant Walker" which is a young boy belonging to a small tribe. The Eye Stars are a protector of all wildlife but they may have more than they can handle with the evil woman who thinks she should own all the flowers and beauty that Animal Kingdom holds.
They have to find a way to convince her that she can enjoy the flowers and exotic plants without killing them. Sharing nature while preserving it is the important lesson she must learn.

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