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Trina M. Ward


Trina M. Ward is a small town writer who has found her passion in writing. Being a huge movie goer and thrill seeker, she tries to bring the excitement and fear of myths and legends to paper. Her earlier works 'The Martin House' and 'Sandy Creek' have been compared to the legend Dean R. Koontz.

Trina is regarded as being someone who does the best at whatever she working on. Many people think she could be the next big thing as she takes the stories and events and transforms them into scenarios that most won't even talk about.

The latest book 'The Dozier School for Boys' is based on actual events. The reform school which was formerly located in the Northwest Fl. Panhandle was notorious for it abuse on the young men who were sent there. Rumors of beatings and those who were brave enough to come forward have peaked the community, state and nation's interest. They wanted to know what could have possibly drove the men who were supposed to be protecting and guiding the youngsters to murder. Feeding the boys to hogs, placing bodies in shallow graves and lying to the families about their whereabouts, well that is just a hard pill to swallow.

As Trina M. Ward continues to write, we will all be taken down a path that can surely be an enjoyable yet disturbing and spine tingling.

Books by Trina M. Ward

A Fairy's Tale by Trina M. Ward. Book cover
Deep within Animal's Kingdom there is a grove of overgrown mushrooms which are inhabited by magical flying creatures. Pixie's Dust has a colony of human like beings that live in unison with the land and wildlife that surrounds their homes. Each fairy has a unique gift that makes them important to their existence.
Fiction > Fantasy
College Point by Trina M. Ward. Book cover
I had to find out what really happened at College Point but where the information ends, my story begins. The ‘need to know’ is fulfilled with the story I have written. The secrets behind the century old building that was destroyed and its past will be told. The missing people, the dark entities walking the former halls are only a few of the reasons I was intrigued to dig deeper.
Fiction > Mystery & Thrillers
The Dozier School for Boys by Trina M. Ward. Book cover
The Dozier School for Boys is more than a ghost story or fictitious story. There are real boys whose remains are still being recovered at this very instant. Boys who were murdered for whatever reason and some believe their spirits want their murder avenged. As with any story that is ongoing, we as the public may never fully understand nor get the whole story.
Fiction > Mystery & Thrillers
Book Image Did Not Load!
Preston searches to find out what happened to his sister Sarah at the creek that night. One thing leads to another and he finds something he has a hard time coming to terms with. If he hadn’t seen it with his own two eyes he would have never believed it either.
Fiction > Horror & Paranormal
The Martin House by Trina M. Ward. Book cover. Haunted House in Panama City, Florida
There have been many questions regarding this not-so-small house located along the Gulf Coast. I have brought it to paper. No one tells what happened so many years ago. It is as if they are hiding the truth for whatever reason. The Martin House is riveting and captivating ...
165755 views > 83 reviews / comments
Fiction > Horror & Paranormal