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The Dozier School for Boys

by Trina M. Ward  US United States

March 31, 2015   |    2,972 reads    |   0 comments

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The Dozier School for Boys - Book Image Did Not Load!The Dozier School for Boys is more than a ghost story or fictitious story. There are real boys whose remains are still being recovered at this very instant. Boys who were murdered for whatever reason and some believe their spirits want their murder avenged.

As with any story that is ongoing, we as the public may never fully understand nor get the whole story. When the lack of information is present in these types of stories, it leads the mind to wonder. It is in human nature to work through different scenarios that could have happened.

This book is one of those scenarios. Using information obtained and interviews that were done, a compilation of fact and fiction parts create a believable story. There are evil people in this world and they hold deep and dark secrets that led them to becoming the way they are.

Maybe this book could answer some of your questions.


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