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A Model Murder

Alicia Allen Investigates - Book 1
by Celia Conrad  GB United Kingdom

August 12, 2014   |    1,779 reads    |   0 comments

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A Model Murder - Book CoverA Model Murder is part 1 of the Alicia Allen Investigates crime trilogy and introduces Alicia Allen, the Anglo-Italian private client lawyer based in London. Events take an interesting turn when her Australian neighbor, Tamsin Brown, an aspiring model who has taken a position in a hostess club in Piccadilly to supplement her income, is brutally murdered and her body dumped in an alleyway in Soho. When Tammy's flatmate Kim begs Alicia to assist with the murder inquiry Alicia feels she cannot refuse and becomes embroiled in the investigation. Through Alicia's association with Kim, who is working as a legal secretary, Alicia obtains a new position at Kim's firm but it soon becomes apparent that nothing is as it seems and she cannot trust anyone within the firm and she soon begins to question whether several lawyers within the firm are in someway involved in Tammy's murder. When her elderly neighbor Dorothy is also brutally attacked for something she has witnessed in connection with the murder, Alicia risks everything to solve the crime and plunges into the sleazy world of hostess clubs endangering herself and those around her in her quest to bring the perpetrator(s) to justice.

The other two books in the trilogy are Wilful Murder and Murder in Hand.

About The Author

Celia Conrad is a British author who shares similarities with the heroine of her Alicia Allen Investigates Trilogy in her own Anglo-Italian heritage and solicitor experience (aka "lawyer" in the U.S.). Together they share an enthusiasm for crime solving, Shakespeare, All Things Italian and, of course, Pringles. A Model Murder was her debut novel, written at the suggestion of a mentor who encouraged her to write mysteries based on real-life stories she has encountered while working within the law. The two other parts of the trilogy are Wilful Murder and Murder in Hand.

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