Murder in Hand

Alicia Allen Investigates - Book 3
by Celia Conrad GB United Kingdom
August 17, 2014

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Murder in Hand - Book CoverWhen Alicia’s new client, Fabio Angelino, tells her that someone is trying to kill him and it is revealed that his father Emilio, a New York attorney of Italian descent, vanished without a trace in Sicily sixteen years previously, Alicia is convinced there is some connection between Emilio’s disappearance and Fabio’s current predicament even though the police disagree. Desperate to find answers, Alicia starts making inquiries of Emilio’s former legal colleagues but is obstructed in her attempts to obtain evidence. When three people associated with Emilio are brutally murdered and a key suspect flees to Umbria, Alicia, who by now is heavily embroiled in the investigation, travels to Italy in hot pursuit determined to discover the truth and bring the perpetrator(s) to justice whatever the consequences…

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