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A Week's Worth of Fiction

Volume 1
by Mark Wilkins  US United States

September 20, 2016   |    974 reads    |   0 comments

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A Week’s Worth of Fiction, Volume 1 (book) by Mark WilkinsThis book has 7 unusual stories of fiction that explores different sides of the genre. From what is going through the mind of a suicide bomber to a teacher on the edge sanity to an everyman who becomes a hero through senseless violence a journey of dark adventures awaits you. If you want stories you will never forget you only need to count to 7.

Author's Note: 

This was the first book I wrote in a series of fiction books. I think the preview story, The Commitment is short but well developed and is more than just a story about a terrorist it has a lot of social commentary on other social issues embeded within it. Fear and Retribution is also really strong and would make a good movie.

About The Author

Mark Wilkins, is best known to his readers as A Storyteller. He pens the A Storyteller Series of Books for Love Force International Publishing. Unlike most other book series, it does not concentrate on a particular character or a particular story line. Instead, it focuses on books of short stories in various genres by a particular author (Mark Wilkins). Some of the books in the A Storyteller Book Series include serious fiction (A Week’s Worth of Fiction), humorous fiction (Slices of Life) and a mixture of serious and humorous fiction and non-fiction (Classroom Confessions) and supernatural... more

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